A new opportunity – Homeschooling

28 February 2022

A new opportunity has presented itself in Palmerston to work with some of the local homeschoolers. We would like to welcome Leanne and her daughters, who play a big role in this project.

Leanne is a photographer and will be helping us to document the activities with her photographs as well as writing for the website.

The project will involve doing Process Art and Life Skills workshops. The overall aim is to give mums ideas for their children, helping make more Art Musketeers. We will also be developing fibre art kits that would be easy enough to use at home. 

Wool As Art Material is our focus, but we are also very interested in working with textiles. We will be using various dye techniques, doing lots of printing and stamping as well. These textiles will be used to be creative with. 

The life skills sessions will involve cooking and baking.

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